Grievances & Complaints


Resolve Grievances & Complaints expeditiously and efficiently.

School ensuring a trouble-free and parents-friendly atmosphere.

IIS Jeddah has already adopted a Grievance Resolution Grid under parents Charter for the purpose of resolving concerns as expeditiously and efficiently as possible. Before submitting any grievance/complaint, the school strongly suggests every individual to resolve his/ her concerns with the help of concerned school officials as mentioned in the Grid. We believe that every genuine concern and complaint needs to be mutually resolved within given time frame at the lowest possible administrative level.

​However, if the problem/grievance is not resolved at the concerned level, Parents may lodge their complaints using the link below.

This is an extension facility for the parents to uphold the dignity of the school by ensuring a trouble-free and parents-friendly atmosphere through promoting a cordial relationship. The purpose of this portal is to look into the genuine complaint lodged by parents/students for an early solution. The objective of the Grievance portal is also to develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all the stakeholders in order to maintain and promote a harmonious and educational atmosphere in the institution.